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Richmond Flooring UK

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SPC stone and marble

Our stone and marble ranges come in matt finishes and are extremely popular for the new contemporary minimalistic look.

Richmond Classic SPC Eco

The Eco range planks are triple embossed giving a completely natural wood-textured feeling. Specification: 1220mm x 183mm x 5.5mm.

SPC Accessories

We have matching accessories for all your finishing needs. For example. Skirtings, t-profiles, reducers, quarter rounds and stair nosings.

WPC outdoor decking

We sell only solid core decking as we believe this is by far the best quality to be used in extreme weather conditions.

Did you know? Richmond Flooring now available in UAE

We are looking to expand our products into Asia, Middle East and Africa and we would be delighted to hear from you to discuss master distributor opportunities for companies to create their own dealership networks for their territories in the above mentioned regions. We are also looking for dealers from the above-mentioned countries. We have now opened offices in the UAE and have appointed a master distributor for the UAE. If you’d like to be a dealer in the UAE, please click here to apply.


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